10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website Today That Wins Customers

Website design at African Art Innovations Ltd
Website Design at African Art Innovations Ltd
Website Design at African Art Innovations Ltd

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A Business Needs A Website not to be like a closed book sealed with no accessibility to be read.

Without a website, people cannot even know that you do exist. You may think that your business does not really need a website and some people even feel that it’s expensive for them and therefore take a website to be just like a luxury for their businesses.

However, a website is one way for your business ideas to be accessed by your targeted people. These can be potential customers, potential partners and many others. To me, a website is your market place. A place where your services can be accessed. It is your first encounter with your clients. It is therefore paramount to stress that a business needs to have a website. Yes, it is of great importance for a business to have a website.
A website is key to your business’ success and I will cite for you 10 reasons why your business needs a website.

1.People, especially your customers, will stay informed and updated

A website is your online image of your business, services and everything your business has to offer. Through your website, customers are able to kip updated with new products of your business, promotional products, activities and you will always avail the rest of the world with all the information about your business.

2. Your business will always be accessible 24hrs through your website.

A website is always accessible and available to both your constant customers and your potential customers all the 24 hours of the day. A website therefore will be providing them with the ease of go through your services, promotions, activities and the news even out of your working time. This great service of being accessible even beyond your working time is a great impression of success and reliability as a business.

3. Your small business will gain credibility and recognition

As it is evident in the modern era, people use the internet to explore the products or services that they need. Through this, when accessed on internet, your small business will automatically gain credibility and be trusted by having a website. Without a website, your potential customers will definitely run to your competitors who have a website. Similarly, it is obvious that having a well-designed website, will improve your business’ image more than a poorly designed website. This is why you need to get an expertise company to design your website.

4. A website gives you a stage on which to display your services

A website is an amazing place to exhibit your work and services. It brings out the outlook of your business, displays your image gallery, and expresses your ideas plus your best services. In short, your website is a mirror that reflects your business image to everyone who checks it. A website displays all the activities, taking place and it has the ability to attract all people including those who don’t know about your business.

5. A website broadens your business’ target market

A business needs a website because it provides an alternative location to sell your products from a small scale to a larger group of market. This is enabled through selling your products online. Selling products online is not only for big businesses. Even retail businesses can sell their products online. Through e-commerce websites which are designed to facilitate online transactions, sales and transactions are made easier and wider. Since internet has taken over the whole businesses industry, it’s important for your business to utilize this great opportunity and increase the sales and the market.

6. A website facilitates and improves customer service

A website is one way of communicating with your customers. A website gives a good image to your customers, and updates them. By availing them with your menu, adding your articles, making newsletters and updating your activities and new brands. You can have a website that uploads newsletters to answer all customer’s questions and keeping you updated. There’s no better way to provide to your customers with a value added service than by sharing information on your website.

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7. A website saves your money

Having a website will save you the cost of having to do vigorous marketing, and then intensive print outs like flyers and brochures. This is true because anyone can access your website at any time through the computer or the phone. The information on the website is able to inform all your potential customers about your services, products and promotional activities.

8. A website saves you time

It is true that availing information to customers usually takes time. Whether it’s through the phone, emails, brochures, this usually takes time. However, with a single click on the website, your customers are already being communicated to. Apparently, when your website is up and running, it is automatically available to your customers and this saves your time. Through your saved time, your increase.

9. A website helps your business to keep up with the competition

You may not notice it, but your competitors are online. They have websites and are getting ahead of your business. Definitely, when your customers are searching for your products and services, and can’t find your website, they will definitely go to your competitors who have websites. This is a dangerous move which can make you lose your customers.

10. A website attracts new customers

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A website has the potential to attract new customers. Usually as people surf the internet, they come across a variety of businesses’ products, services and information. They therefore come across businesses that they actually never new existed. Potential customers are always on the lookout on the internet, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these.

Websites tell the whole world what your business is like, your services, your vision, your strength, therefore, a website is a great part of your sales team. Having a website will definitely boost your business. You can have your website today.

Author: Alinda Paska

Alinda Paska is the COO at African Art Innovations Ltd a Digital Creative Agency based in Uganda - East Africa, a human rights lawyer, creative content writer and speaker. In her off days, she does humanitarian work with Gain Confidence Africa.

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