Client’s Satisfaction is Key for Building your Business

client’s satisfaction

It is usually a miscalculation for a business to devotedly focus on increasing its own profits putting aside the unfathomable influence devotion on client’s satisfaction has on the building of the business. Ironically, this may be looked at as an unclear strategy, but for those whose businesses have focused on satisfying the customers, a great deal of growth has been achieved.

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Customer retention  confirms client’s satisfaction

Client's Satisfaction
Client’s Satisfaction

Similarly, it is an irrational move for a business to put its devotion on making new customers without having a devotion to satisfying the already existing customers. It is true, every single business needs to make new customers, but it should never be forgotten that every business’ easiest, reliable and most available source of new revenue directly comes from the devoted customers who are familiar with the business and have been served well. It is evident that those customers who have been served with devotion to their satisfaction, will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of your business by returning to your business for more services. This automatically, helps your business to maintain customers.

To me, maintenance of customers means attraction of more and more customers. And this is what will trigger the growth of your business. I will now roll to how these two are connected.

Maintenance of customers by devoting to satisfying them

Customers have always been a mystery in the field of business, many times they have moved from business to business in search of the same, but better services. Ideally, this is due to unsatisfactory from their previous service providers. Therefore, for a customer to stay and be devoted to your services, it is essential and of great value for you to devote your business on customer / client’s satisfaction.

Knowing your customers’ needs is very crucial in the process of satisfying them

This can be done through requesting customers for feedback, making follow up and helping them sell more to their customers. That is if your business is selling to other businesses. This is undoubtedly a way of devotion and when customers realise that you are willing to listen to them and that you care for their growth that much, they will appreciate it and want to give you their business. Therefore, the best way to gain more profit from customers is to support them in increasing sales to their customers. Businesses that always satisfy their customers gain loyalty from their customers. When customers become loyal and enjoy your company, they campaign for you and support you at all times.

Satisfied customers are easier to sell to, new products and services, and can easily make sales for your business

Client's Satisfaction
Client’s Satisfaction

Your satisfied customers will enjoy letting other people know about your business. Their friends and family are their first target and this attitude gives them a good first impression which will make the work easy for your business’ sales team. Provision of reliable services means catching the attention of a wide range of customers who will undoubtedly lead to increase in more customers. Naturally, the connection between human beings is that they will always inform each other about what is working out for them and who is making it happen. Some people will always find out about your business through success of other people who are satisfied by the services from your business.

Satisfied customers are at good terms even with an increase in prices

This loyalty of customers makes them comfortable even when you decide to increase the prices. They feel comfortable with the services and therefore can easily adjust to the new prices more reliably than the new customers. This is a crucial moment for your business when you can easily increase prices and customers can easily adhere to the increase. This will mean increased sales and profits from your customers who love what you provide to them.

Focus on client’s satisfaction is one way of being a reliable business

A business people can trust, a business that is serving to be served. A business that a client can entrust its activities reliably with no fear of focus on their own interests. Such a business is sure to grow, growing with its customers.

At African Art Innovations, clients’ needs are our direct focus points and we focus on satisfying all their needs. To us, this is a dedication, a quality that we value, putting aside our own needs. To AAI, a client’s satisfaction is an achievement and a goal to attain. Our clients enjoy the best services, and through understanding what they need, we give them more than what they thought they needed, we make do the best out of the good they need. Our clients’ satisfaction is our joy, and our growth. They grow, we grow and we grow together.

Author: Alinda Paska

Alinda Paska is the COO at African Art Innovations Ltd a Digital Creative Agency based in Uganda - East Africa, a human rights lawyer, creative content writer and speaker. In her off days, she does humanitarian work with Gain Confidence Africa.

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