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About Us

At, we are specialized in providing first-class, customer-centered shared hosting services. Our goal is to render the hosting service as easy to use as possible.

Website Hosting Services

Our portfolio is composed of an immense variety of web hosting packages, which offer generous web storage space and traffic quotas, domain name registration/transfer options, easy-to-work-with Domain and Email Managers, multiple domain name hosting options, as well as free-of-cost bonuses, such as a single-click apps installer and a web site building tool. All web hosting accounts can be easily administered through our multi-language hosting Control Panel. A 24x7x365 client support service is offered too.

Hosting Platform

One thing that sets us apart from other hosting service providers is the circumstance that we employ a different hosting platform and hosting Control Panel. The main contrast between our web hosting Control Panel and the popular cPanel is that our Control Panel offers billing, domain and web site management options, which spares you the effort of remembering different usernames and passwords for several hosting Control Panels.

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